Thursday, March 13, 2014

"Five Sea Shanties" for Brass Quintet – Please Support My New Kickstarter Project

I've created a Kickstarter project to help launch my newest piece of music – "Five Sea Shanties" for brass quintet – into publication! If you're not familiar with Kickstarter, it's like having a PBS pledge drive. There are varying levels of support, and each successive level brings donors additional rewards. The deadline to reach my pledge goal is April 7, around 1pm Pacific time. To read about the music, find the rewards, see an introductory video by moi, and make a pledge, go here:
And please spread the word to your friends!

One of the rewards is a refrigerator magnet with the above design.
Other rewards include autographed copies of the music, a meeting with me,
the honor of commissioning the music, receiving the dedication, and more!

One of the project rewards was to commission the music. That reward has been claimed! I'm also seeking someone to receive the dedication. Yes, you can pledge to receive the right to designate to whom "Five Sea Shanties" is dedicated. The dedication appears next to the title of the music on both score and parts. It could read, "For Insert Your Name Here," or you could have it say, "Dedicated to the So-And-So Family," or you could nominate your parents, or kids, or a even a pet. I once dedicated a piece to a horse, so you would not be the first in that regard! You could even memorialize someone – "In memoriam Dearly Beloved." It's up to you. [Go to project]

There are several other rewards, too, including receiving an autographed copy of the sheet music and getting a private meeting with me. Most of the rewards include all the previous rewards in the ascending levels of pledging. Many donors will receive a handsome "Five Sea Shanties" refrigerator magnet and a personal thank-you note from me. All donors will be recognized in my blog.

Just a few more details here. The five sea shanties are "The Maid of Amsterdam," "Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye," "Clear the Track and Let the Bulgine Run," "Shenandoah," and "Blow the Man Down." I've included descriptions of the music (and sound clips) at the Kickstarter page. Go there to hear most of each movement and find out what the word "bulgine" means! [Go to project]

Lastly, please spread the word. Tell your friends, and ask them to tell their friends! There are lots of people who will love this project, want to support it, and who will enjoy the rewards. But, they have to learn of it first. Be the one to let them know, by social media, email, text, IM, blog, phone, fax, semaphore, smoke signals, or even in person – if anyone communicates that way anymore. It's all good. And remember, a great many arts donors are not musicians! So, be sure to share this with your musician friends and with committed concert-goers and arts patrons, as well.

Much appreciated,
Dr. Ray